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Extract from the Festschrift issue of J. Phys. Chem, May 1999

C. Austen Angell is a Regents Professor at Arizona State University. He has worked mostly on liquids and glasses, but has also published on geochemical, biophysical and battery electrolyte problems. He currently has a major effort in the energy storage and conversion disciplines. He has 520 publications, 78 cited >100x, 6 >1000x (H index 88). He has been elected chair of three different Gordon Conferences: four different Societies have given him their internationally contested awards (ACERS Morey 1989, ACS Hildebrand 2004, MRS Turnbull 2006, ECS Bredig 2010, ACERS Cooper Scholar 2015, respectively). He is proud of an “Outstanding reviewer” award, APS 2009. He was recently honored as University College London's Bragg lecturer 2015).

Professor Angell holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Ph.D. degree from London University, Imperial College, where he won the Armstrong medal for 1959-61. He taught at Melbourne University 1962-64, then postdoced at Argonne National Laboratory 1964-66 before joining Purdue University where he became full professor in 1971. He joined ASU In 1989.

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